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Letter to the editor: War is hard; wearing a mask isn’t

To the editor: In a time where so many things feel out of our control with this pandemic and in our world, we all find ... Read more

Editorial: East vs. West, which BBQ is the best?

East vs. West. Which is the best? It depends on where you live. And when it comes to barbecue in Norh Carolina, most folks who ... Read more

Letter to the editor: School board, newspaper sending the wrong message

To the editor: I’m writing regarding the Davie County Board of Education’s decision for the Davie County school policy on masking of children. The county ... Read more

Editorial: Are freedom and science on a collision course?

Should we be wearing masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Or maybe the better question is: Should we be required to wear ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Depot Street rezoning would change Mocksville forever

To the editor: Mocksville may appear small as a town, but we must be an eye of beauty to WXII TV 12 and corporate contractors ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Tanglewood – maybe anywhere – wrong site for ‘agri center’

To the editor: Forsyth County voters passed a vaguely worded 2016 bond referendum, the majority of the monies are being used to renovate and build ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Now’s the time to beautify bottom of Depot Hill

To the editor: Nearly 30 supporters, in opposition to a rezoning request, showed up at the August Mocksville Town Board meeting. The commissioners were faced ... Read more

Letter to the editor: School board’s masking decision wrong

To the editor: I do not support the school board’s decision to make masking optional. There was little planning and forethought that went into the ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Liberal bias drumbeat getting louder

To the editor: I have a totally different take on why some of the country will not get vaccinated and it goes totally against what ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Making masks optional a vote for freedom

To the editor: I fully support the school board decision to make masks optional for the 2021-22 school year. I have one word: freedom. We ... Read more

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