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Letter to the editor: Let’s continue getting back to normal day by day

To the editor: God made us personable creatures in his creation— he knew that to make us thrive and multiple that personal relationships between family, ... Read more

Editorial: Summer time: Is the livin’ really easy?

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy. At one point in my life, I may have believed that. The heat and humidity this area gets ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Take a stand against mask mandate

To the editor: With only a few weeks left before the start of the school year, it is imperative that we take a stand against ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Lift the mask mandate for students

To the editor: After reading some news from various organizations recommending masks for children older than 2, I wanted to voice my concern. With the ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Mandatory vaccinations welcomed

To the editor: A very loud thanks to the several healthcare companies which announced mandatory vaccinations for its employees. It is long-settled law that private ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Be bold and make masks optional for Davie students

To the editor: Given the latest news from Gov. Cooper, essentially 12 and under have to wear masks (K-8) and 9-12th no mask necessary if ... Read more

Letters to the editor: Don’t let Raleigh have louder voices than locals

To the editor: My name is Charlin Coley, I am a mother of two children in Davie County Schools – one in middle school and ... Read more

Editorial: The Bullhole deserves our support

I give credit to Blinky and his cronies. Do you remember Blinky? He was a catfish. An old catfish who lived at The Bullhole. He ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: It’s time to unmask our children

To the editor: What’s everyone else’s story? Has your child or grandchild suffered from depression, headaches, infections from the masks, etc.? For me, my story ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Biden a liar and hypocrite

To the editor: If all you ever watch on TV news is MSNBC or CNN you might never know the truth about the crisis at ... Read more

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