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Editorial: Get the vaccine; get $100 for info on rack thiefs

Yes, I got the COVID-19 vaccine – the Johnson & Johnson one-shot deal. No side effects whatsoever. For months leading up to that day, I ... Read more

Editorial: Can Mocksville board members cope with no influence on police matters?

If anyone is happy that the Town of Mocksville could soon be without its own police department, they should be ashamed. Towns the size of ... Read more

Editorial: Even one of Davie’s best Afros didn’t impress ‘Coach’

He could hit a baseball farther and harder than anyone else on our Little League baseball team. I called him Hank Aaron. Not knowing at ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Go ahead, make your mother’s day

To the editor: Her day starts early. She makes her coffee and sits down at the kitchen table. She looks around at the very old ... Read more

Editorial: Hogwash to cancel culture, political correctness

As I get older, my arms are getting shorter. My walk, once straight, elegant and determined – is now choppy and awkward. My speech is ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Mocksville headed in wrong direction

To the editor: While it is always great to see a town prosper, the recent rezoning and land for sale signs up all over Mocksville ... Read more

Editorial: Big Brother watching our every move

Yes, Big Brother is watching us. Almost every move we make. I’m talking about cameras, and our reliance on them may be going a bit ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Court helps further communism

To the editor: Communism is here and was helped along by the Supreme Court. Judge Roberts was overheard screaming at the other judges to vote ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Remember, current Davie ‘Kool-Aid’ not the only flavor

To the editor: Dear Davie County Commissioners and others, we are at a crossroads in our community. The times are changing and growth is coming ... Read more

Agriculture still state’s leading industry

By Marsha McGraw NC Cooperative Extension Why is farmland protection important in North Carolina? Agriculture and related businesses comprise North Carolina’s leading industry with a ... Read more

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