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Editorial: Davie ranks high in ability to purchase

They didn’t interview me. Chances are, if they knew me, they would have skipped right over my name in the first place. Almost daily, emails ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Writer would choose virus over shot

To the editor: If I knew I would get the virus next week, I still would not get the shot. I would rather take my ... Read more

Editorial: Softball field wrong spot to honor Suiter

Let’s say this from the start. Julius Suiter is a great man. He’s probably done more than anyone around to help us get through school ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Wayne Farms not initially forthcoming

To the editor: As members of the Davie NAACP Political Action Committee, we appreciate a number of things, as it relates to our experience, working ... Read more

Editorial: Farmington a community of proud heritage

Hooray for Farmington. While rural community centers not only across our county – but the state and nation – are closing, Farmington has one that ... Read more

Editorial: Remembering those dusty dirt roads

My early years were spent growing up off of a dirt road. The year was 1957, and my family had just moved from the big ... Read more

Editorial: Behind every successful man is a …

Kudos to Betty West, the Cana and Pino community correspondent for the Enterprise Record who writes about goings on in her neighborhood and at Wesley ... Read more

Editorial: Chug a lug at 5 mph …

It’s a silly song, really. Like most singer/songwriters, it definitely wasn’t considered among his best – not by him or many others. I’m the son ... Read more

Editorial: Trip to Oxford home unforgettable

It’s a story I will never forget. For 40-plus years, I’ve worked at a newspaper. I’ve covered more meetings than I would like to admit. ... Read more

Letter to the editor: Fear the Lord, not Cooper and Cohen

To the editor: My name is Cassie Gibietis. I live in the Calahaln area of Mocksville, and I graduated from Davie County High School in ... Read more

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